First of all, Congratulations on your happy news!

Pregnancy is such a special time, it is unique to every person; and each pregnancy is different.

My philosophy towards Pregnancy Pilates is exactly the same, I treat every woman as an individual and I believe in taking into account your emotional, physical and mental health as a whole during the workout.

We know now that keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy is extremely important for mammy and baby; but ‘keeping fit’ has a different meaning for every person – depending on your physical fitness level before having baby many mums will take up walking every day. Some mums that were used to working out five days a week using weights or doing a particular sport may continue to do so; same goes for moms that were runners before becoming pregnant many continue up to week 34 or beyond (all under direction from their GP).

The amazing thing about Pilates is that whether you start as a couch potato, or you are a triathlete, Pilates is beneficial for everyone!

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise, as it focuses on strengthening your core and pelvic muscles, it stretches your back and helps maintain flexibility in your legs and trunk. Women have also said that the breathing techniques they learn during pilates class are very useless during labour for pain relief and calm!

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