Well, let’s have a look at why people associate Pilates with having better sleep!

  • There are a series of rolling movements that Joseph Pilates associated with having better sleep, they all involved gently rolling and unrolling the spine, pelvis or full body. The science behind this is fairly straight forward, rolling exercises are proven to help ease stress and tension in the body; and when you are feeling more relaxed you are able to have a more relaxed sleep!
Fact or fiction?

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”

  • It is generally accepted that if you nurture and care for your body with a healthy balance of diet and exercise, over time this will have an effect on the quality of your sleep. By the same standards, having excess sugar in your diet without any means of exercise has a negative effect on sleep. Pilates is a widely accepted form of low impact, but effective exercise and contributes to a healthy balance of overall well-being
  • Many people suffer from digestive issues which they find can become worse when they are lying down at night, there are many stretches that we use in Pilates that are excellent for targeting bloat, constipation and sluggish digestion.
Why not try some Pilates about an hour before you head to bed some night? It won’t hurt and it might just gain you an excellent night’s rest!

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