We are all back to work now, and that means back to sitting in the office; and leaning over a counter, or sore shoulders again from cutting hair all day. So it is definitely time for some Office Pilates Stretches! Every profession has some impact on your neck, back and shoulders. It is so important to look after your back and you will always be thankful later on that you did!

Here is a short video of some easy and feel-good stretches that require little room and no equipment; but they are guaranteed to make you feel good when the stiffness kicks in! So next time you are in work, give a look around and find space for your Office Pilates Stretches!

Other helpful tips for keeping supple and avoiding dreaded back pain at work:

  1. Keep hydrated! Set a timer on your phone and drink when your alarm goes off
  2. Make a plan for healthy eating- especially healthy snacking, taking a few minutes to eat a high protein snack gives your shoulders a chance to rest and revives your energy!
  3. Meditate for 10mins in the car outside work/ on the bus before you go in. Take deep slow breaths, visualise yourself having a great day and breathe the stress out of your neck, back and shoulders.

Book your online classes now and stretch it out!

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