Step One:

To begin with you will need to download the Mindbody App in Playstore or on the App Store.


Step Two:

  • Login to the Mindbody App using the email that you previously signed up to receive class zoom links with.
  • You will need to set a new password
  • You may also be asked to verify your email address to proceed

Step Three:

  • Once you are logged in, please go to your Profile (as seen in the picture) 
  • Once in your profile select the Cog symbol in the top right hand side of your profile, and then please fill in any missing details 

Step Four:

Please ensure that you have the correct Country, State and City entered in your details as these need to be correct in order to locate the business on the app.


Step Five:

Back on the Home tab, at the top of the app you will see a box called ‘Search for Anything’. When you click on this box it will open another page (like the one in the picture), in here you can search for Nora O’Grady Pilates. If you run into trouble, just widen the current location search width.


Step Six:

Once you have found the business and opened it up if you currently have a valid membership you can go ahead and book your place in the upcoming classes! Easy!
If you do not have a current membership you will see this message appear- no need to call us, ill show you how to select one of our new memberships!
Please note- all memberships purchased on Momoyoga before now with valid credits have been carried over to the new booking system.

Please select this link to purchase a new membership!

Step Seven:

When you click on the link below it will bring you to this online store. Sign in using your app login details. Occasionally for extra site protection the online store will not accept the app password, if this happens to you- just reset your password.


Step Eight:

Once you are logged in:

  • Select the Online Store Tab
  • Then the Memberships tab.
  • Then choose a membership option to suit you and follow the directions to purchase!

Step Nine:

When you have purchased your Mmebership you can now either open your app and select your classes OR choose the classes tab on the online store (see image) and book from here!



All of our new memberships come with a Video On Demand option, so if you miss a class you can watch any of the videos on our online catelogue in your own time!
To do this, just click on the button below, and sign in! If you have a current membership you can scroll through our videos to find one that suits you!

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