Postnatal Pilates
Postnatal Pilates

New Mom Six Week Pilates Course!

My postnatal classes are designed specifically to focus on finding the strength in your pelvic and abdominal muscles again, caring for the bladder as we go and looking after the muscles that you used while carrying your gorgeous newbie AND because now you need those muscles for nursing and caring for baby, and you.

So, what is included?

  • Six 30 minute workouts every Saturday morning from 9-9:30
  • ACTUAL postpartum mom in the live workouts!
  • Recordings of all workouts
  • Emailed ‘Workout Sheet’ after class to encourage you to continue your workout during the week!
  • Join the Nora O’Grady Pilates ‘New Mom’ Facebook group where we will share recipes, life hacks, workout tips etc
  • Nora O’Grady Pilates ‘New Mom’ Whatsapp group which gives you six weeks of one to one opportunity to ask questions about postpartum health & fitness when it is convenient for you!
  • Check-in’s from Nora during the week to make sure you are doing well with your workouts and just for that little added motivation!
  • Open mic classes where you are encouraged to ask questions to prevent injury
  • A fun, relaxed and body positive environment that will celebrate all that being a New Mom is!


It is recommended to wait six weeks following a vaginal delivery and 12 weeks following a C-Section – however this must be cleared by your GP/ Health care provider before starting with us.
My six week course is starting on June 5th!
* Stability ball and Foam rollers are used during these workouts- if you do not have these to hand, not to worry!
** Please also have a pillow ready for stretches!
barre body blast

Barre Body Blast

Combining Ballet Steps and Classic Pilates for the ultimate Stretch!

Gentle Stretch Pilates


Gentle Stretch Pilates - Perfect for anyone working at a desk all day!

Happy Client’s

I would highly recommend Nora O’Grady Pilates especially if you are a walker or if you sit at a desk all day – you feel so much better after a class & Nora is an excellent teacher, very clear instructions & caters for all levels. Love the classes.

Nora’s zoom class is going from strength to strength, so much so that I am now as exhausted at the end of her online class as I was when walking out of her studio class. Loving it Nora!